Long-Term Benefits of Massage

A soothing massage can help you unwind, but that’s not all. Its possible long-term health benefits may surprise you. So what kinds of benefits can you expect from regular, long-term, therapeutic massage sessions? At LaVida Massage, our licensed massage therapists discuss with you which type of massage is best suited for the benefits you are hoping to gain.

The following are some long-term benefits you can expect from therapeutic massage therapy: increased flexibility, surgical and injury rehabilitation, and improved circulation to name a few. So your next question might be, “How does massage therapy help with these concerns?”  Increased flexibility is one of the many keys to a more active and healthy lifestyle and can boost the active, athletic abilities in you. Therapeutic massage encourages the body to produce more natural lubricants which increases your range of motion. This increased range of motion causes your muscles, joints, and ligaments to be less prone to injury.

Regular therapeutic massage also helps with surgical and injury rehabilitation by repairing any damaged tissue and aids in the breakdown of scar tissue. Our trained massage therapists manipulate these tissues and the surrounding areas, allowing the body to more effectively pump oxygen rich blood to the injury, promoting healing and reducing further damage.

Another long-term benefit of therapeutic massage is increased circulation. Having poor circulation can lead to a variety of discomforts as a result of lactic acid buildup. Therapeutic massage helps to increase the circulation of oxygen rich blood, preventing lactic acid buildup. The physical manipulation of the body performed by a licensed therapist, results in improved bodily function and lowered blood pressure.

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Why wait? Start reaping the numerous long term benefits of massage therapy and book your session today. Your body and mind will thank you!